Baykal BLS V Laser Cutting Systems Vantage

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Baykal BLS-V Laser Cutting Systems Vantage
Design and Operating Features
• Gantry Linear Motion System
• Siemens 840D CNC
• Motion system 6025 x 2025 x 120 mm
• 6000 watt laser
• Dual circuit water chiller
• Constant beam length axis and optics to suit
• Windows XP operating system
• Ergonomic machine separated, free positioned CNC control cabinet
• 15¨ TFT colour monitor
• 3 MB Program data storage
• Transfer tables (dual palette) Hydraulic lift (integrated drive system)
• Programmable high pressure air / nitrogen gas selection 1.. 25 bar.
• Advanced precitec cutting head (with air cross blast) 7.5¨ & 10¨ lenses
• Pierce detection, cut monitoring & Lens failure detection
• Auto nozzle cleaning and calibration
• Standard fume extraction system
• Parts debris conveyor
• Lantek Nesting system
• In built safety systems (light guards & full enclosure as standard)
• CE Compliance
Baykal BLS-V Laser Cutting Systems Vantage
• Ease of processing both large and small size formats
• High speed water cooled linear motors
• No repositioning of plate ensure accuracy
• Flying optics and Constant Beam Length axis.
• Simple operator interface and cutting database
• Dual pallets
• Superior accessibility to work areas
• Hand-held pendant for remote access to setup, adjustment and management of waste skeletons
• Tactile height following for non conductive materials
• Fully enclosed, purged beam path
Baykal BLS-V Laser Cutting Systems Vantage 6
Technical Data